EOD Supervisor

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Site Safety Support


Providing Due Diligence for UXO Contamination

Our UXO Safety Support services are designed to enable other specialists to conduct Geotechnical, Environmental, Archaeological or other investigations where there is a potential risk from UXO. On-site Support is provided by our NATO qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineers to check and clear the ground prior to the investigations taking place or in a progressive “Safe Look Ahead” manner while the investigations are undertaken. The EOD Safety Engineers are equipped with specialist equipment and the process makes use of Industry Best Practices complying with International Standards (UN-IMAS).


The UXO Site Support provides safety talks and briefings for site personnel and utilises non-intrusive and intrusive technology to detect any Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal anomalies in the path of the excavations, boreholes or samples. The anomalies can then be either avoided or investigated in a controlled manner.

Our Clients demand and deserve the best and we pride ourselves in exceeding their expectations. We ensure that we provide your workforce with complete protection from UXO at competitive prices. All of our services are covered by our professional insurances.

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