Rapid Area Survey

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Large Area Survey

Rapid Land Survey

Providing Due Diligence for UXO Contamination

Our recently commissioned Rapid Survey Array is designed to survey large areas of land for the presence of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) contamination. The system utilises satellite (DGPS) and computer linked state-of-the-art magnetometers to provide exceptionally high quality data and accuracy (<10cm). It is capable of surveying in almost any environment gathering data quickly and efficiently. All of the data is subjected to rigorous assessment and quality checks by our experienced survey professionals and can be presented in a number of industry standard formats.

The array can be towed behind an all terrain quad motorbike, 4 x 4 Vehicle or modified for use on water. This quick, efficient survey system is typically capable of surveying between 3 and 5 hectares of land per day, producing little or no environmental or ecological impact. The system ensures that potential dangers can be accurately plotted and avoided or safely removed, effectively reducing; risk, delays and unnecessary costs.

Our Clients demand and deserve the best and we pride ourselves in exceeding their expectations. We ensure that we provide a timely, accurate, high quality product at competitive prices. All of our surveys are covered by our professional insurances, and reports are provided as a bound document and in electronic format on CD.