UXO Supervisor – UXO Watch and Brief

UXO Supervisor – Watch & Brief

Where flexibility is required, EOD Contracts Ltd can provide a UN/IMAS qualified Engineer to your site to offer on site supervision to all ground works/excavations.  Working closely with all ground crew EOD Contracts personnel can ensure that your site continues to progress in the safest possible manner.

Should any suspicious items be uncovered during excavation works and there are no qualified personnel on site, all works will have to stop whilst Police/Military personnel are deployed to site to positively identify the item, this is not always a speedy process which will obviously hinder any time restraints imposed upon site personnel. However, by utilising an EOD Contracts Engineer on -site can potentially eliminate this, as positive identification can be made straight away potentially meaning work can continue if the item is safe to move.

Should positive identification be made and the item is not safe to move the EOD Contracts Engineer will act as your safety officer and ensure all measures are taken to reduce the threat to any site personnel or members of the public. They will also act as liaison officer for both the Police and Military Personnel.

The EOD Contracts Engineer will also be on hand to deliver on site UXO safety awareness briefs to all site personnel as part of their induction process.

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The UXO Site Support provides safety talks and briefings for site personnel and utilises non-intrusive and intrusive technology to detect any Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal anomalies in the path of the excavations, boreholes or samples. The anomalies can then be either avoided or investigated in a controlled manner.

Our Clients demand and deserve the best and we pride ourselves in exceeding their expectations. We ensure that we provide your workforce with complete protection from UXO at competitive prices. All of our services are covered by our professional insurances.

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