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24th May 2019

A controlled explosion was carried out on a WW2 bomb found in Kingston upon Thames.

The unexploded device was found on a building site close to Kingston University on the morning of 24th May. Due to this discovery nearly 1,500 homes were evacuated with the Met Police warning that that some homes will be left without gas and electricity whilst a survey was being carried out.

The military (Royal Engineers from 33 Engineer Regiment EOD) were tasked with making the device safe, this was carried out by conducting a controlled explosion.

Devices like the one shown below are still a viable threat on construction sites all over the UK, EOD Contracts Ltd offer mitigation services to ensure that should a risk be assessed than works will be able to proceed with minimum disruption and peace of mind to all those involved.



EOD Contracts Ltd have now doubled their Utility Engineers, enabling us to offer utility detection across the whole of the UK and Ireland. This service along with our capability to locate and mark out our Clients positions has been a huge success. Coupled with all of our Utility Engineers being NATO certified UXO Mitigation Engineers has enabled our clients huge savings in additional man-power.  For example, the below site in Swansea (05/05/2019) our Engineer on site was able to locate, clear/mark out (utilities) & provide on site UXO risk mitigation to rotary ground investigations.

Our long standing partnership with Lankelma has continued, with works being carried out up and down the UK. Partnered with EOD Contracts, Lankelma can offer CPT with MagCone capabilities for clearance of pile positions/bore holes/window samples/large areas. this service is a fast and effective method for reducing UXO Risk Mitigation, so future works can progress without the requirement for a UXO Engineer to be present on site. Coupled with EOD Contracts capability for marking out positions a surveyor supplied by the client is no longer required, again reducing the man-power requirements and more importantly costs for our Clients.


EOD Contracts Ltd and POWERHAUL INTERNATIONAL have joined forces for the collection and disposal of TEP’s throughout the UK.

Working with the British Marine Federation,  EOD Contracts Ltd collect Time Expired Pyrotechnics Nationwide> Aberdeen to Dover: conditions apply. POA

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