Marine Pyrotechnic and Firework Disposal

Marine Pyrotechnic and Firework Disposal 

Providing Due Diligence for Clients

EOD Contracts is a Home Office Authorised and Police Approved Explosive Disposal Company.

EOD Contracts explosive disposal techniques are designed to fully comply with current UK and EU Legislation. EOD Contracts has extensive knowledge in the disposal of explosives and pyrotechnics worldwide and has designed bespoke incinerators and methods to deal with the ever increasing problems of disposing marine pyrotechnics and fireworks in a safe, controlled and effective manner.

EOD Contracts disposal team manager is a NATO qualified Advanced EOD Engineer; he inspects all items before ascertaining the correct method of disposal. This task is carried out by either one or more of the following methods:

  • 1. Fuel Fired Incinerator
  • 2. Remote Function as Designed
  • 3. Controlled Explosive Disposal



Our Clients demand and deserve the very best service, EOD Contracts prides itself in exceeding our clients every expectation. EOD Contracts provide precise disposal certification which allows a transparent audit trail for our clients.

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