Intrusive Surveys
Pile Testing

On most ‘brownfield’ sites, non-intrusive methodology proves inconclusive due to the (usually) high content of surface ferro-contamination/sub-surface ground contamination. It therefore becomes difficult to produce an accurate interpretation of the ground make-up. In these circumstances EOD Contracts Ltd can offer the client an Intrusive UXO survey, providing a ‘look ahead’ capability, ideal for clearing pile locations/clusters & boreholes.

Due to EOD Contracts Ltd’s long-standing, professional relationship with two of the UK’s leading CPT companies (Lankelma & Fugro), both specializing in in-situ ground investigation, we can offer our clients mobilisation to  anywhere in the UK including over-water/off-shore. By being able to draw upon the wide variety of their multi-platformed CPT rigs, from 20 tonne tracked and wheeled vehicles to mini-rigs and railway mounts, together we can offer versatility and flexibility for all types of site conditions.

In addition, EOD Contracts Ltd can offer other CPT services such as:

• Cone and sleeve friction testing
• Piezocone testing
• Vibrating wire piezometers/standpipe piezometers
• Other ground investigation services/installation, as a result of which accurate ground conditions can be obtained without the expensive mobilisation of a further ground investigation team.