Non-Intrusive Surveys

EOD Contracts Ltd offers our clients several means of clearing parcels of land through the use of our specialist equipment. Our surveys are conducted using state-of-the-art, computer-linked magnetometers, which enable us to collect and process high quality data.  Once collected, the data is subjected to rigorous assessment by our geophysical engineers and NATO/IMAS qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) engineers. This data is then forwarded to the client along with “Best Practice” standards enabling them to move forward with their project.

The survey utilises non-intrusive technology to provide a detailed ‘colour-coded’ map of all the ferro-magnetic fields within the survey footprint. Any signals that could potentially offer a risk of being an item of UXO are highlighted for further investigation. 

This quick, efficient survey system not only reduces ecological damage within the survey area, but also ensures that any necessary intrusive investigations are minimalised, thereby reducing time delays and offering the most cost-effective method to the client.

Our clients demand and deserve the best and we pride ourselves in exceeding their expectations. We ensure that we provide a timely, accurate, high-quality product at competitive prices. Furthermore, all our surveys are covered by our professional insurances.