Intrusive Survey CPT Testing

Intrusive Survey

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

On most “Brown Field” sites, the non-intrusive methodology proves inconclusive due to the (usually) high content of surface Ferro-contamination/sub-surface ground contamination.  In situations like this it becomes difficult to produce an accurate interpretation of the ground make up. In these circumstances EOD Contracts Ltd can offer the client an Intrusive UXO survey, providing a “look ahead” capability, ideal for clearing pile locations/clusters & boreholes.

Due to EOD Contracts Ltd professional relationship with two of the UK’s leading CPT companies (Lankelma & Fugro) both specializing in in-situ ground investigation, we can offer our clients mobilisation anywhere in the UK including overwater/off shore.

Due to this long-standing partnership with these two industry leaders, EOD Contracts Ltd can offer our clients multi platformed CPT Rigs varying from 20 tonne tracked and wheeled vehicles down to midi-rigs and railway mounts enabling us to offer versatility/flexibility for any site conditions presented to us.

This service offers our clients a “look ahead” capability; a magnetometer probe through the use of hydraulic rams pushes the probe at a constant rate of 20mm per second to depths previously determined in the UXO Survey.  This provides a column 1.5m (360° centre of probe) clearance from Ferro-magnetic anomalies. The data will then be analysed with preliminary results being offered electronically to the client within 24hrs followed up with a comprehensive CPT Report upon completion of works.

In addition to this EOD Contracts Ltd can offer other CPT services such as;

  • Cone and sleeve friction testing
  • Piezocone Testing
  • Vibrating Wire Piezometers/Standpipe Piezometers

And other ground investigation services/installation, as a result accurate ground conditions can be obtained without the expensive requirement of “another” ground investigation team being Mobilised.

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