Unexploded Ordnance DTS

Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Desktop Study.

Since Day 1 EOD Contracts have been providing its clients with honest, precise & detailed Desktop Studies, fully compliant with the industry standard CIRIA C681.  These reports have allowed our clients to proceed with their projects in the safest possible means, implementing sufficient UXO risk mitigation for their site.

Our detailed site assessments provide our client the following, but not limited to;

  • Ministry of Defence (MOD) Records from WW1 & WW2
  • Local Council Bomb Damage Maps
  • Potential Site Geology/Ground makeup
  • Historic Mapping / Review
  • Abandoned Bombs
  • Prior Clearance operations
  • Military Usage
  • Bomb Penetration Depths
  • Consequences of UXO Encounters
  • Risk Mitigation

Our data analysts comprises all this information in to one concise document, so as to provide the client with clear understanding of the risk to the Clients site, and what mitigation (if any) is required.

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Our Clients demand and deserve the best and we pride ourselves in exceeding their expectations. We are meticulous in the production of our UXO Studies ensuring we provide a timely, accurate, high quality product at competitive prices. All of our services are covered by our professional insurances and the reports are provided in electronic format on CD.

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